Large Monchball

Large Monchball

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Bully sticks are a very healthy natural treat for dogs. They clean your dog’s teeth, release endorphins and keep them occupied. But they are also a choking hazard and may cause intestinal blockages requiring expensive emergency surgery.

Our patent pending Monchball solves this problem! Monchball is a bite resistant bully stick holder. It holds a bully stick so that your dog will not be able to swallow the last bit and choke or suffer intestinal blockage.

Also suits Himalayan cheese chews, ears, shark skin and other long lasting dry chew treats. Check out our pre-drilled bully sticks or get a 7mm (¼ inch) drill bit and just drill the treats yourself. The pin in the Monchball that holds the treat is 6mm in diameter (0.236 inches).

Our Large Monchball suits medium to large sized dogs. It is 15 centimetres in diameter (6 inches). You should choose a size that is too large for your dog to bite. Their teeth should slip on the spherical surface. If you're not sure which size to purchase, please send a photo of your dog to for a recommendation.

Monchball come with one wrench and two spare treat posts.

  • Spherical shape is very bite resistant so won’t get chewed up
  • No metal parts and no screwdriver needed to clamp bully stick in place
  • Can be secured to a chair/table leg to keep your dog occupied while they wait for their puppychino
  • Works great as a handle to hold for some quality chewing time with your dog
  • Hollow 3D printed light weight construction
  • Replaceable parts so you can replace only the component that’s worn out
  • Doesn’t rely on friction to hold bully stick which ends up slobbery and slippery

Other bully stick holders are not bite resistant, will get chewed up and risk your dog eating bits of plastic or rubber, rely on friction to hold the bully stick which can become very slippery when covered in dog slobber or have metal screws that could injure your dog. Some also require a screw driver to operate.

Monchballs are printed to order. There is a 3 day lead time for printing and then shipping is subject to normal postage/courier times.

Returns and refunds only accepted if the product is faulty in some way. No returns for change of colour or misuse.

Customer Reviews

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Great Idea

I bought it to go travelling so I would have peace of mind in regards to not choking on that last piece of the bully stick. Very happy with it !

Kylie Sutton

I bought 2 monchballs, 1 small and 1 large. Mostly so we can easily take the small one out with us when we need to take the puppy. They are fantastic. My dog loves it and I don't have to worry aymore about choking.