3D Printed Safe Chew Tech


Prevents choking and intestinal blockages

Bully sticks are a very healthy natural treat for dogs BUT they are also a choking and intestinal blockage hazard. This is why we designed the Monchball.

Prevents choking

Allows your dog to safely chew their favourite treats held in place by a secure pin

Bite Resistant

Monchballs spherical shape is bite resistant as it won't fit in your puppers mouth


Monchball parts are modular so replace parts as you need and protect the environment...and your wallet ;-)

Multiple Sizes

We have designed both small and large Monchballs to ensure all pups can safely enjoy healthy treats

What our happy customers have to say...


My boy loves his Monchball. Keeps him busy and entertained. The treat that goes with it lasts him 5 days to a week. He can now enjoy munching on them without the fear of choking. Plus he no longer has us hold his treats for him cause the monchball does that part. Easy for him to hold and safe for him to munch. Honestly, worth every penny.


Hands down best thing I’ve ever bought for my three Frenchies I can give them treats now without the fear of choking and having to perform the Heimlich maneuver ever again. Thanks Monchball


Tom loves his Monchball and the bully sticks. Have just purchased some marrow sticks and these have been a hit too! I will be buying more for him, keeps him occupied for hours.