Designed to keep your fur baby safe

A Monchball is a light weight, hollow, 3D printed bully stick holder. It was invented for Peanut, one of our dogs. She is a Frenchie and loves bully sticks but unfortunately she is also a guts and swallows bully stick ends without chewing them. Now she can safely enjoy chewing bully sticks and other long lasting hard chew treats without choking or risking an intestinal blockage and expensive emergency surgery. We want to share Monchball for all dogs to enjoy.

Every Monchball is 3D printed in Brisbane, Australia and carefully hand assembled. There are quite a few bully stick holders on the market, but Monchball is the best because it has a unique combination of features:

  1. Spherical shape is very bite resistant so won’t get chewed up
  2. No metal parts and no screwdriver needed to clamp bully stick in place
  3. Can be secured to a chair/table leg to keep your dog occupied while they wait for their puppychino
  4. Works great as a handle to hold for some quality chewing time with your dog
  5. Hollow 3D printed light weight construction
  6. Replaceable parts so you can replace only the component that’s worn out
  7. Doesn’t rely on friction to hold bully stick which ends up slobbery and slippery

Monchballs come in two sizes:

  1. Small Monchball (10cm, 4 inch diameter) - for small and some medium size dogs
  2. Large Monchball (15cm, 6 inch diameter) - for large and some medium size dogs

Monchball’s bite resistance comes from the sphere being too large for your dog to bite, so make sure you get the size that is large enough that your dog cannot bite into the sphere. It should not be able to pick the Monchball up with its mouth - its teeth should just slip if it tries to bite the Monchball.

Happy monch-ing