Bully sticks help clean your dog's teeth

Happy, healthy dogs have clean teeth. There are many dog teeth cleaning products. One of the most enjoyable ways to keep your dog’s teeth clean is for them to chew on bully sticks. Your dog’s saliva will slowly soften them and give your dog’s jaw a good workout, releasing happy chewing endorphins while simultaneously cleaning their teeth.

Bully sticks can be a dangerous choking hazard though. Once your dog has chewed enough of it to attempt to swallow the remaining part whole, you will need to take it away so that your dog is not at risk of choking or having an intestinal blockage. Grabbing a wet, slimy bull stick is not very pleasant. Sometimes attempting to take a treat from your dog’s mouth can result in the dog quickly swallowing it to avoid losing the treat - a recipe for disaster if your dog then chokes or has an intestinal blockage.

Dog teeth cleaning products are often manufactured chew treats. Bully sticks that are 100% natural with no artificial additives are one of the best and healthiest ways to clean your dog’s teeth. The American Kennel Club recommends bully sticks as a healthy teeth cleaning dog treat.

The Monchball bully stick holder traps the last part of a bully stick or other hard chew treat and greatly lowers the risk of your dog swallowing it whole and choking or suffering intestinal blockage. The Monchball is a 3D printed bite resistant modular device with replaceable parts. Other bully stick holders are not as bite resistant and could be easily chewed up and destroyed or themselves become a choking hazard.